Wednesday, 10 July 2013

REVIEW: Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream (Light)

For almost a year I have been using BB cream instead of foundation and in that time I have thoroughly tested five different brands.  Most recently I've been trying Nivea's version of BB cream from the daily essentials. Of the five I've tried, I'd say that this was in the middle in terms of how much I liked it.


  • Decent coverage: this is quite thick and slightly build able so does cover up minor blemishes and redness quite well.
  • Price: this is quite cheap at around £5 for 50ml (price from here).
  • SPF: This has SPF10... not very high protection but better than none!
  • All of the goodness of Nivea: as a brand I find Nivea quite trust worthy and believe that this is actually good for my skin and it does deliver on this expectation, my skin feels rather good after using it.
  • Better under eyes: this is better at covering darkness under my eyes than my preferred BB cream (Garnier).


  • Colour: The colour of this is a bit too dark for me even though it is the lightest shade. It says on the tube that it gives a "hint of colour" however I certainly think there's more than a hint.
  • Application: I certainly find this harder to apply than some other BB creams that I've tried; it's quite a thick cream and absorbs quickly so it's a bit fussy to apply as I feel like I have to do separate areas at a time rather than just being able to simply rub it in every where with my hands. It's also quite hard to blend at the jaw line/neck, because it's a bit dark my face can sometimes be obviously a different colour!
Over all: I probably won't buy this again as it's not a good all round performer in my opinion but I'll use up the rest of the tube that I have by using little bits of it to build over my Garnier BB cream if I need a bit of extra coverage.


  1. I nominate you!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it made me smile :)

    I've only recently got into BB creams, first I tired DermaV10 but it was much too dark for me even in the lightest shade. I tried garnier the other day and so far so good, except I was given medium so have to mix it with moisturiser.. but BB creams are so much nicer than foundation in this weather!


  3. I reviewed the Garnier BB cream on my blog(though just a mail-in sample), and I was actually quite impressed with the results. Had I had an entire bottle of the serum, I probably would've liked it more, but with the sample I --of course-- received the minimum amount of product and decided to take a specific route of applying it, for the best results of my review.
    You should give it a try. I'd recommend it.


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